Senior Services Plus

2603 North Rodgers Ave

Alton, Illinois 62002



May 4th, 2015

10 - 11:30 A.M.




Save Community Care Program Rally

Please join us for a “Save Community Care Program Support Rally” which will be held at Senior Services Plus on Monday, May 4th, 2015 from 10am-11:30am.   Join others from around the state of Illinois and voice your opposition against the proposed budget cuts to the Community Care Program (CCP).  Senior Services Plus is located at 2603 North Rodgers Avenue in Alton. 


Service providers and the general public are strongly encouraged to attend in support of the services provided by the CCP.  Clients of Senior Services Plus’ In-Home Care will give first hand testimonial on how the proposed funding cuts to CCP will affect their services.  During the rally, guest speakers will also address the crowd with the stance of other Community Care Service Providers including:  In-Home Services, Adult Day Services, and Emergency Home Response Services.  Volunteer Lobbyist Jim Pennebaker will be representing AARP during the rally.


  • Specifically, the proposed budget cuts for Fiscal Year 2016 include reducing access to the CCP by increasing the current minimum Determination of Need (DON) score of 29 to 37, affected 23% of those enrolled at this time.  Many clients have no involved family (e.g., over 40% of clients with emergency home response systems or have no responder who can go to the home during an incident), or family members who work and rely on the support provided by CCP services.
  • The proposed budget for FY2016 is also adding a maximum annual personal income limit of $17,500 to CCP’s current eligibility criteria.  Of the current 76,000 monthly CCP clients, approximately 20% have annual income greater than $17,500.  The income limit will quickly deplete personal resources to Medicaid levels and expedite an individual’s reliance on Medicaid funded services.


State Legislators are being strongly encouraged to attend the witness the impact that the proposed funding cuts on the CCP will have on the Southern Illinois community.  On April 27, 2015, a similar rally for the Community Care Program will be held in the Chicagoland area. 

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